Strategic project NA_TWIN-ZERO

Strategic project NA_TWIN-ZERO

Today we share that we are working on one of the strategic projects approved by the Government of Navarra for this 2022 and that it will be developed over the next few years in collaboration with Navarre companies: KYB Corporation, i3i Ingeniería Avanzada, S.L., TASIVA VISION SL and EOSOL .

In addition, there will be the collaboration and participation of NAITEC Automotive and Mechatronics Technological Center throughout the process.

The objective of this project, called NA_TWIN-ZERO, is to achieve a "zero anomalies" scenario in the advanced manufacturing of automotive components. To achieve this objective, we will rely on emerging technologies typical of the industry40 such as IoT or AI and thus obtain a reliable digital twin paradigm that is capable of performing predictive maintenance and early detection of possible failures in the manufacturing line.

This is a unique opportunity to demonstrate our knowledge in industrial maintenance and process automation.